Kaouki Karma Surf

Driven by the passion for the ocean since 1996

the Kaouki SUrf Club

Recently built by Boujmaa Guilloul, after many years serving windsurfers on the beach of Moulay and promoting the practice of Windsurfing there, he decided to start a multi surf sports club on Sidi Kaouki.

Our center is located at the heart of Sidi Kaouki beach, by the main parking lot, outlooking the main breaks of the Marabout and the right of the windmill.

Boujmaa is one of the water sports pioneers in the region of Essaouira, adventuring the waves and the ocean since 1996.

In 2016, he was crowned the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) champion, and won several events around the world, including the prestigious Aloha Classic in Hawaii in 2014. Boujmaa was the first Moroccan to tow surf the majestic wave of Jaws in Hawaii, and has ridden many world class waves from Teahupoo in Tahiti and Margaret river in Australia to only mention a few.

He is thriving to learn everyday, and to share his knowledge and experiences throughout many years of traveling the world.

His new surf center at the heart of Sidi Kaouki is built in order to offer more opportunities for local surfers and international visitor to take advantage of the gift of the ocean.